What Is The Best 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol?

If you ask "what is the best concealed carry pistol?" you are going to get dozens of different answers. People are creatures of habit AND influence. Meaning they make choices based off their own experience or based off what their friend is telling them. Ultimately everyone has their opinion.  Let us know about your favorite striker fired concealed carry pistol in the comments at the end. For example:

Best 9mm Concealed Carry Pistols

GLOCK guys are going to say the GLOCK 43x is the ultimate concealed carry pistol.  (Prior to this the GLOCK 43 was the best concealed carry pistol in the line, and still a strong candidate)

Springfield Armory can point to the XDS Mod 2, and winning the American Rifleman Handgun of the Year award in a previous design and say their design speaks for itself.

1911 fans will rave that their platform is the only one that should exist.  Period.

Sig fanatics believe the Sig P365 is the answer to ALL questions related to concealed carry firearms.

Smith & Wesson can lean on their heritage and the fact that they have sold millions of the M&P Shield 9mm pistols and make a pretty good argument that they have the best 9mm concealed carry pistol.

All of these groups can make a strong case for their pistol being "the best", but that really doesn't mean a whole lot if the pistol does not meet your needs.  The first thing you will need to figure out is if there are special conditions that would limit you from comfortably using a particluar gun for concealed carry. If you take some time and think through the follow points it will make choosing the best concealed carry pistol a little easier.


Things to consider when choosing a 9mm concealed carry handgun:

  • Size Matters.  Will this gun be used primarily for deep carry / concealed carry, meaning inside the waistband (IWB)?  Will this gun be carried on the belt or outside the waistband?  Will it be used mostly as a bedside gun on the night stand or kept in the glove box in your vehicle?  It's critically important to know the answers to these questions.  If the main purpose of this gun will be for IWB concealed carry, the physical size of the handgun will be a limiting factor in the variety of weapons to choose from.  Simply put, if you cannot comfortably carry your firearm, you won't do it.  

  • Holster / Carry Options.   This is one of the big considerations that many people overlook.  If you purchase one of the more popular concealed carry handguns on the market you will have no problem finding carry options.  You will not have a problem finding a holster for any gun in this article.  In fact there may be so many options that it could become a little overwhelming.  Let that go.  More than likely you will end up purchasing more than one holster for your concealed carry pistol.  It will happen.  It's kind of like carrying your favorite pocket knife;  you have the only one you will ever carry .... until you find the new one.  This isn't salesman garbage, this is 40+ years in the industry, that's just the way it goes.  If you end up purchasing a lesser known or more obscure concealed carry handgun you may have some difficulty finding the exact holster you prefer for your gun.  You will have a few options for carry, you can make something work but you may not end up with the ideal carry option.  It's worth noting because we deal with customers all the time that say "if I'd known I couldn't find a holster that I liked for this gun I would never have purchased it."  It happens every day.  

  • Physical Limitations.  Do you have any physical conditions that would limit your ability to properly cycle the carry pistol? Do you have arthritis?  Do you have an injury?  Is there a lack of strength or flexibility that could cause issues?  Are you a giant mammal with huge paws?  Are you a particularly small person with tiny hands? (Like Kenneth Snipps, sorry that's an entirely different topic).  The answers to these questions will have a huge impact on deciding what is the best 9mm concealed carry pistol for you. If you have huge hands you can work with anything if you have to, but if you have tiny hands and can't securely grip the firearm or comfortably reach the trigger you are going to have real issues.  Your life may depend on it.

  • The intangibles. What Feels Best To You?  This is the wild card in the process of choosing a concealed carry pistol.  We certainly make educated suggestions, but ultimately this falls on the consumer.   Do you like the contour of the grip frame?  Are the slide serrations just right or too aggressive?    Can you easily reach the magazine release, the safety etc?   Lastly, your body frame, or build, will have a huge impact on deciding where & how you plan on carrying a weapon.  For example, if you are big guy or have problems with flexibility, choosing a gun to carry on your ankle is probably not the best option.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you are a super thin or wear skinny jeans, putting a gun on your hip will stick out like a sore thumb.   

Now that you know a few of the things to consider when choosing the best 9mm concealed carry for you, let's get to it.   Below we'll list a number of great concealed carry pistols in alphabetical order, and then break them down in detail.  Finally, we'll make some comparisons and give you a breakdown of what we consider the best 9mm concealed carry pistol.

Best 9mm Concealed Carry Pistols ( Alphabetical Order )

CZ P10C 9mm Double Stack Concealed Carry Pistol.  The CZ P10 absolutely ran over many of its competitors in 2018.  There's no other way to say it. Due to its ergonomics, trigger pull, and shootability, the CZ P10C ate up a ton of marketshare in the mid / full size carry market in the last 18 months.  This is the first striker fired carry pistol from CZ, and it definitely opened up the CZ line to a larger portion of the market. The CZ P10 reviews have been very good from our customers, with most stating how easy the gun is to shoot, and that the recoil is very mild.   We haven't had any complaints about ammunition feeding or extraction issues.  The only negative reviews we heard early on was due to the lack of availability of extra magazines and holster options, particularly in Kydex / polymer holsters.  Now due its popularity, nearly every holster manufacturer is building a line around the the CZ P-10.  Finding a great holster for the CZ P10c should no longer be a problem.  The CZ P10 is one of the larger pistols on our list.  It might be difficult for some people to use this as their deep carry gun but it does come with 2-15 round magazines.  You give up a little in reagrds to deep carry, but you gain a lot of capacity.  Bottom line, if you aren't looking for a pocket gun,  the CZ P10 is a great choice for concealed carry and  a whole lot of gun for $399.

    CZ P10-C 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

CZ P10 C Specifications:  Barrel Length: 4.02"  Width: 1.26"    Weight: 26.02 Oz


GLOCK 19 Gen 9mm Double Stack Concealed Carry Pistol.  The GLOCK 19 has been one of the best selling concealed carry pistols on market for nearly 30 years.   The GLOCK 19 has gone through a number of revisions over the years, and the newest is the Gen 5.  The Gen 5 features a redesigned trigger, new barrel, new finish, and new grip frame.  GLOCK is the epitomy of consistency.  The trigger pull is always the same, and it will cycle all types of ammunition.  The GLOCK isn't the sexiest choice when considering a new concealed carry pistol with all kinds of innovative bells and whistles, but it will run.  Also, you will literally find hundreds of different holsters for the GLOCK 19 Gen 5.  If there is a holster made in any style or brand, it's made for the GLOCK 19. It's the same for general accessories as well; aftermarket triggers, night sights, flashlights, lasers, production for use with the GLOCK 19 is always a top priority.  It ships with 3-15 round magazines, so capacity will not be an issue with this handgun.  It's been in use for 30 years and is still a market leader.  That's tough to beat.  A GLOCK  Model 19 concealed carry pistol will serve you well.   

GLOCK 19 Gen 5 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

GLOCK 19 Gen 5 Specifications: Barrel Length: 4.02"    Width: 1.34"     Weight:23.99 Oz

GLOCK 43 9mm Single Stack Concealed Carry Pistol. The Model 43 is the only single stack concealed carry pistol offered from GLOCK.  A couple of years ago it took the market by storm, and quickly replaced the heavier and thicker GLOCK 26 as their flagship carry pistol.  The GLOCK 43 is thinnest and lightest 9mm pistol in the GLOCK family of products.  Like other products in the GLOCK line of handguns, the GLOCK Model 43 features a consistent trigger, and lightweight polymer frame. If you are a GLOCK fan and looking for a deep carry, ultra thin pistol, the GLOCK 43 may be the ideal pistol for you.  The GLOCK 43 also comes in a wide variety of frame and slide color configurations. From all of the GLOCK 43 reviews that we have received, customers rate this pistol as one of the best concealed carry pistols on the market.  The only "knock" on this pistol is its capacity.  With a magazine capacity of only 6 rounds, some GLOCK fans have eagerly awaited a replacement with higher capacity.  Regardless of the GLOCK pistol you choose, the entire is built around safety, reliability and ease of use.

GLOCK 43 9MM Concealed Carry Pistol

GLOCK 43 Specifications: Barrel Length: 3.41"    Width: 1.06"     Weight:17.99 Oz

GLOCK 43X 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol.
 The GLOCK 43x is one of the new releases from GLOCK for 2019.  They took all of the benefits from the standard model 43 and tweaked them a bit  to produce a lightweight, sub compact, thin pistol that holds 10 rounds.  The GLOCK 43x frame is only marginally wider than the original model 43 (1.10" vs 1.06") yet provides the consumer with an additional 4 rounds in the magazine, solving the biggest complaint of original pistol.  It also stands out on the shelf with a Silver nPVD finish and front cocking serrations on the slide.  Both firsts for GLOCK factory pistols.  The GLOCK 43x is an excellent pistol for concealed carry.  It offers the best of both worlds; an incredibly thin and lightweight frame with a 10 round magazine.   This pistol is a great option for carrying  IWB and small of the back.  If you choose the GLOCK 43X for concealed carry you will not be disappointed. 

GLOCK 43X Double Stack 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

GLOCK 43x Specifications:  Barrel Lenth: 3.41"  Width: 1.10"   Weight: 18.70 Oz

HK VP9SK 9mm Double Stack Concealed Carry Pistol   The HK VP9SK is the 9mm compact concealed carry pistol offered from HK. The VP9SK is heavier and wider than many pistols on the list, but it has an interesting feature you should be aware of.  The rear of the slide features a flair out on both sides making the slide very easy to grasp and operate.  As a result, many customers find that the HK VP9SK is much easier to cycle than many other pistols on the list.   This pistol also ships with one magazine that has a finger grip extension.  This won't be your obvious choice for deep carry, but with the flair on the rear of the slide,  the HK VP9SK might be a great choice if you have problems racking the slide of thin pistols like the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

HK VP9SK 9MM Concealed Carry Pistol

HK VP9SK Specifications:  Barrel Length: 3.39"  Width: 1.31"   Weight: 23.07 Oz

Sig 320 X Compact 9mm Double Stack Concealed Carry Pistol.  The Sig 320x Compact is one of the most overlooked concealed carry pistols on the market.  It is absolutely loaded with features, which also drives up the price of the pistol making it the most expensive in our list.  If you look at all of the features, you can begin to understand how it all adds up.  This gun features the new X Compact frame with undercut, premium flat trigger with short reset, and a magazine capacity of 15 rounds.   The slide features front and rear cocking serrations, premium night sights, and is compatible with Sig & Leupold optics.  The Sig 320 X Compact 9mm pistol comes with all of the bells & whistles and features a 15 round magazine.  Due to its size and thickness, not to mention it's price, the 320 X Compact will not be the best choice for every customer.  However, it you are looking for all of the premium features the Sig 320x Compact is an excellent shooter and an extremely durable option for concealed carry. The flat trigger that comes standard on this model is outstanding.

Sig 320X Compact Concealed Carry Pistol

Sig 320x Compact Specifications:  Barrel Length: 3.6"  Width: 1.3"  Weight: 25.3 Oz

Sig P365 9mm Single Stack Concealed Carry Pistol.  The Sig P365 totally turned the concealed carry market on its head in early 2018.  Everyone wanted this Sig carry pistol and they simply could not make enough of them to keep up with demand.  It was a nightmare.  Thankfully, Sig ramped up production and is doing a much better job of filling the pipeline in 2019.  It's combination of small size and thin frame, coupled with premium features like night sights and a 10 round magazine makes this an award winning pistol.  In fact the Sig Sauer P365 pistol was named “2018 Handgun of the Year" from Guns & Ammo Magazine.  The Sig P365 is an excellent choice for deep carry, has a great trigger, and is an extremely accurate sub compact pistol.  The Sig Sauer P365 is a great concealed carry pistol.  If you are already a fan of Sig products this is a no-brainer, go out and pick one up.  If you are not familiar with the Sig line of pistols, we highly recommend checking out the Sig p365, they are a great buy at $499.99.  12 round factory magazines are available for the Sig 365 pistol and a 15 round factory magazine will be available by June 2019.  

SIG P365 9MM Concealed Carry Pistol

Sig P365 Specifications:  Barrel Length: 3.1"   Width: 1.0"  Weight:  17.8 Oz

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Single Stack Concealed Carry Pistol.  Smith & Wesson has sold more of the M&P Shield 9mm pistols than most of the other concealed carry pistols in this category combined.  Let that sink in.  The M&P Shield is one of the thinnest and lightest 9mm concealed carry pistols on the market.  It has a great trigger, is extremely durable, and is carried by millions of people.  The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm is simple to operate and comes with 1-7 and 1-8 round factory magazine.  There are a number of variants of the M&P Shield 9mm pistol; they come with and without night sights, with and without a manual safety, some are ported and some will now accept optics.  There is a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm to fit nearly every budget & need.  If you are looking for a concealed carry pistol the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm should be considered.  Starting around $299, the Shield is a great value and is exceptionally reliable.  

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9MM Concealed Carry Pistol

Smith & Wesson Shield Specifications:  Barrel Length: 3.1"  Width: .95"  Weight: 18.3 Oz

Springfield XDS Mod 2 9mm Single Stack Concealed Carry Pistol  The Springfield XDS Mod 2 9mm pistol offers a feature unique among other concealed carry pistols.  This feature is a grip safety, similar to that of 1911 pistols.  While this model is not offered with a manual safety, the integral and passive grip safety ensures safety every time.   The pistol will not fire unless the frame is securely engaged, offering the customer unparalled safety without the need to react and operate a safety lever.  What about the accuracy?   The Springfield XD-S Mod 2 frame moves the shooter’s grip higher on the backstrap of the weapon, much closer to the bore axis, to enhance grip & control, soften recoil and improve accuracy.  The XDS Mod 2 is an excellent value in the $400 price range.  Springfield is also known to do promotions throughout the year, which make this an even better value. Currently, some Springfield XDS Mod 2 pistols are coming with 5 magazines and a range bag for the same price as the standard model that only ships with 2 mags.  That's an additional $100 + value for no additional charge.

Springfield Armory XDS Mod 2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

Springfield XDS Mod 2 9mm Specifications:  Barrel Length: 3.3"  Width:  .975"     Weight: 21.5 Oz

Taurus G2C 9mm Double Stack Concealed Carry Pistol.    The Taurus G2C is without a question the best value on the concealed carry market.  Currently, the standard G2C pistol in black is only $209.95 and comes with a factory $25 rebate.  That makes this pistol over 30% cheaper than anything else on the list.   This pistol comes with a manual safety and 2-12 round magazines.  As you may be aware, Taurus had an enormous recall on the PT111.  This is the model that replaced the PT111 pistol.  All customers who sent in their recall pistol had it replaced with the new model.  Despite the recall, this new Taurus G2C continues to be one of the best selling 9mm concealed carry pistols.  The Taurus G2C now comes with a varety of frame colors and is available with a matte black slide or stainless steel slide.  

Taurus G2C Concealed Carry Pistol

Taurus G2C 9mm Specifications: Barrel Length: 3.2"  Width: 1.20"    Weight: 22.0 Oz 

Walther CCP 9mm Single Stack Concealed Carry Pistol.  The Walther CCP is perhaps the most overlooked pistol in the concealed carry market.  It's not thinnest pistol, nor is it the lightest.  And quite frankly, this pistol features a manual safety that seems like it was a bit of an after thought.  Those features don't make the CCP handgun sound very appealing do they?   If you were just looking at the numbers you would probably move right on past the CCP in your quest for the best 9mm concealed carry pistol, but that would be a mistake.   The  Walther CCP uses a SoftCoil Gas Technology that significantly reduces felt recoil and features an easy cocking slide.  The CCP’s SOFTCOIL™ gas-delayed blowback system uses gas pressure from the ignited cartridge by directing it through a small port in the barrel in front of the chamber to slow down and delay the rearward motion of the slide. This is accomplished by means of a piston contained inside of a cylinder located under the barrel that opposes the rearward motion of the slide until the gas pressure has declined after the bullet has left the barrel. This allows the slide to end its rearward motion, opening the breech, and ejecting the empty cartridge case.  The Walther CCP is one to look at.  It won't be the smallest option on the market, but it is one of the easiest to shoot.

Walther CCP 9mm Single Stack Concealed Carry Pistol

Walther CCP 9mm Specifications:  Barrel Length: 3.54"   Width:  1.18"   Weight:  22.33 Oz

Walther  PPS M2 9mm Single Stack Concealed Carry Pistol.  The Walther PPS M2 is the best selling pistol in the Walther line.  It features front & rear slide serrations, a short and smooth trigger, and a durable Tenifer finish.  The Walther is very thin, and even the sights are low profile and designed to NOT snag on clothing.  Top to bottom, the CCP pistol was designed to be Walther's premier concealed carry pistol.

Walther PPS M2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

Walther PPS M2 Specifications:  Barrel Length: 3.18"  Width: 1.0"   Weight: 21.1 Oz

So, what is the best 9mm concealed carry pistol?  We covered the best selling striker fired, compact, lightweight, 9mm pistols in the US market, and there were a number of decent options that didn't even make the list.  Get out and handle some of these pistols, or try them out at a local range if you have the opportunity. Until then, check out what we believe are 2 great concealed carry pistols.  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Best Value In The Concealed Carry Market

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Pistol Millions have spoken and the best value priced single stack concealed carry pistol on the market is the Shield.  Yes they have updated it with a newer version, yes there are ported versions, yes there are are models that will now accept optics; but the original is were the volume is found.   It is a great gun for the money, and how many people are really going to put an optic on a deep carry pistol anyway?  Without a doubt it will be fun as a novelty, but that is where that will end.   Bottom Line:  if you are looking for a great concealed carry pistol under $300, check out the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm.

 Best Overall 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

Sig P365 9mm Pistol With Tritium Night Sights & 2-10 Round Magazines Due to the compact size, overall design and feature list, the Sig 365 is simply tough to beat.  It is small enough to carry inside the waistband, small of the back, on the ankle or in many pockets; but it still features a 10 round magazine.  That is a lot of firepower in a carry size handgun.  Add in high end tritium night sights, and a smooth trigger and you have all the components of an ideal concealed carry handgun.  Sig has offered an optional 12 round factory magazine for the past year, and in a few weeks they will be releasing a 15 round magazine for this carry pistol.  There is no other pistol on the market that combines all of these features into a single pistol, and that is why we consider this the best 9mm concealed carry pistol on the market.

Sig p365 Best Concealed Carry Pistol

What Is Your Favorite Striker Fired Polymer Pistol?

We would love to hear from you.  Check out the comments section below and let us know about your favorite striker fired concealed carry pistol.